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The First Leading Christian Montessori-Inspired Preschool in Gading Serpong

The Montessori method is a child-centered learning strategy advanced by Maria Montessori, a well-known Italian teacher and physician, in 1907. For over 100 years, Montessori has been famous for its quality of hands-on learning, independence, and thoughtfully prepared environment to let the students learn about five learning areas. There are Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. In KinderHaven Preschool, the 5 areas of Montessori are symbolized by the 5 Kinderfriends.

Since 2015, Kinderhaven Preschool has provided Montessori-certified and trained educators. Our classes use safe and supportive materials and offer a variety of  learning activities which are perfectly suited for children aged 1.5 – 6 years.

Moreover, Montessori classrooms have to be child-friendly and designed to lead the children to observe their interests easily, the material that matches the curriculum objective, colors to attract children’s focus, and life-long learning. This method helps children's curiosity and mental and physical growth with individualized education and hands-on learning.

We support them in every learning experience they have in the Montessori Work Period, which is aligned with Christianity and helps them discover spiritual values during their exploration. Every activity in the classroom is transparently reported on our Instagram account, @Kinderhaven_id. So, parents could see their child’s improvements and activeness.

As a result, we proudly graduated over 100 students in 8 academic years and are still counting. This makes Kinderhaven Preschool The First Leading Christian Montessori-Inspired Preschool in Gading Serpong.

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