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In May, we excitedly celebrated Mother's Day. This event let them show their love to the supermoms with many surprises they had prepared for them. They spent a day with their mothers, playing games, & giving their best performances! They loved it so much, our little ones were thrilled to see their mothers’ smiles!

In June, we organized our Year-End & Graduation AY 2023-2024. This event featured the theme "The Pumpkin Treasure", also known as "Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih" in Bahasa Indonesia. This musical drama was performed by K1 students, complemented by beautiful traditional dances from Nursery to K1 students & angklung performances by K2 students.

In this month of new beginnings, K2 students of AY 2023-2024 had their graduation. We all celebrated their years with KinderHaven Preschool, moved to proud tears by the achievements of our little stars.

Stay tuned for upcoming events like Parents Orientation Day & Students Orientation Week in July, as well as Independence Day Celebration in August

Keep connected with us on Instagram @kinderhaven_id for all the latest updates!

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